Sports Poster Package - San Antonio Sports Photography

Sports Posters are available one of two ways:

Option 1. We travel to your game/event to take pictures of YOUR athlete. You will get all the photos we take of your child (Min of 10 valued at $24.99/each for hi-res photos). Then, you choose a print option below - $125 + Print Option

Option 2. You choose four photos from our preexisting galleries and you get digital copies of the photos used (valued at $24.99/each) and choose from one of the printing options below.


$125 - Destination and shoot fee (for option 1)

$125 - 16x20 Custom Design & metallic paper Print

$175 - 16x20 Custom Design & ready to hang wooden print

$300 - 16x20 Custom Design & Frameless Metal Print (Yes, printed on actual METAL!!! It's AWESOME!!!)


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